Chinese Reciprocation of Foreign Generosity

In the 1970's, Americans moved to China to provide helpful support like free courses on several topics. Many Americans funded the compassionate initiatives, including the Federal Government, in order to help the Chinese raise from their dire situation. For many decades, Americans were very generous towards the Chinese. Now, the Chinese are reciprocating such generosity in several ways:
  • They are stealing American research through state-sponsored hacking. 
  • They are stealing American properties through state-protected frauds. 
  • They are stealing American technology through misleading laws. 
The Chinese have strong envy tendencies. They envy the American standard of living. They are specially envious of White Americans. Such envy motivates spiteful actions against Americans. They will lie, steal and blackmail Americans. For them, the best deal is one where you give them something in exchange for nothing. Nowadays, they feel highly successful since they have been able to obtain industrial know-how, technologies and money at almost no cost for them. Furthermore, they are very happy to see America in trouble. They are rejoicing about America's economic and social problems, and the federal government incompetence at protecting its own citizens from the detriment promoted by the Chinese state. And the Chinese nation alongside its state will continue to pull the rug out from under the Americans, who are not being protected by their federal government. From their point of view, the Chinese state and its citizens are at war with America (and Europe). And they will continue to obtain a benefit at America's expense for as long as they can get away with it.

So why are the Chinese causing Americans harm after Americans helped them get back on their feet? Since those early beginnings in the late 1970's, the Chinese perceived such American generosity as weakness. And, like the dog who bites the hand that feeds him, they seized the opportunity to dominate over what they believed to be weak masters, instead of seeing them as generous collaborators.

The moral of the fable is: If you give a Chinese a hand, he will eat your arm.

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