Chinese State Increases Protection To Fraudsters

The Chinese are a nation of embezzlers. They have become wealthy not due to hard work, but due to theft of foreigners' assets by embezzlement. Once foreigners leave with their assets from that cunning country, and therefore, there is no more property to steal from foreigners, the Chinese will, once again, defalcate each other and send its nation back to poverty. In the meantime, the Chinese state will continue to protect the ill gotten wealth of its citizens by imprisoning investigators who use public records to reveal the extent of rottenness underneath the phony propaganda:
In retaliatory crackdowns, one in May 2012 and one in January 2013, more than 1,000 local investigators and their alleged sources each time were detained, according to Chinese media.
Since intimidation has not been enough, the Chinese state decided to conceal the lies of Chinese "businessmen" by blocking access to what used to be public records:
In January 2013, forensic and investigation firms -- and local law firms -- found that they or their search agents could no longer freely access records filed with the Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC) bureaus around the country. The AIC registers, incorporates, inspects and regulates all companies in China, and collects their annual returns. These records, until recently accessible in full, contain useful data and documents relating to the birth, evolution and status of a company, names and personal details of shareholders, annual financial data and annual audit reports.
And in February 2013, the Chinese state fully blocked access to such public records by relabelling them “personal information." Now, it will be even easier for the Chinese to steal cash funds, brands, fixed assets and whole companies from foreigners. And if that is not enough incentive for the Chinese to continue embezzling foreigners, the Chinese state has also guaranteed to continue its policy of dismissing lawsuits by foreign victims and imprisoning their investigators, so that stolen wealth has full protection.


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