All That Glitters In China Is Probably Fake

An American entrepreneur moved to China to start a franchised service business. As it turns out, things didn't go out as he expected. This is his story:
Six years ago I moved to China and within five months of arriving I was screwed out of $280,000 in a a Mr. GoodWrench franchise scam. Since then I follow all the scams that are the best disguised frauds with the most clever chinese cheaters I have ever come across. These sleaze have everyone on the take - the bankers, the cops, shills, singers, etc. I'm ashamed to say this but I am a retired military MP and although I'm no rocket scientist, I graduated cum laude from BYU. 
But some serious advice, if you're thinking of doing business in China - look elsewhere. In this country, if you're not fast, you're lunch. The stress of always being on the defensive is enough to make Mike Tyson paranoid. Everyone of my foreign friends here got scammed - one way or another. Even if the cops find and arrest the slime, a $2,000 bribe gets them released and a $10,000 bribe gets the judge to dismiss the case! My hobby is scuba diving and I have swam amongst many sharks in the ocean. But it is the mainland Chinese sharks that scare the hell out of me - not those in the sea.
He suggests reading this weekly column, which, by the way, is no longer being published. Nevertheless, you can find their previous articles here.


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