A Nature Journal Gets Conned By The Chinese R&D Center Of GlaxoSmithKline

Nature Medicine, which is one of the journals of the reputable Nature Publishing Group, published in 2010 an article which contains data fabricated by the Chinese R&D Center Of GlaxoSmithKline and the Department of Neurology of Baylor College of Medicine. The pseudoscientists who collaborated in the fabrication of such article are Chinese, including the one who works for Baylor College of Medicine.

The Chinese have managed to create the illusion that they are more intelligent than Americans or Europeans. And such illusion is driving Western companies to establish R&D centers in China. Eventually, those companies will realize that their Chinese employees are uncreative plagiarists who thrive on theft and deception. And when that realisation happens, they will close their research centers and leave that cunning country forever.

Source: http://www.pharmalive.com/glaxo-probes-allegedly-fraudulent-data-in-study-written-by-emplmoyees

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