Canadian Expat On China

A Canadian expat shares his observations of the Chinese:
It has been my consistent experience that foreigners are viewed locally as resources to be exploited, by right of skin color, ethnicity and location of birth. This incident, one of many, has in no way altered my opinion.
Perhaps of most interest; we were discussing the myriad ways by which the Chinese take financial advantage of Westerners (through dishonest and illegal contracts and outright lying and cheating), when she came up with the comment that she felt Chinese were more intelligent than Westerners, by virtue of their ability to ‘outsmart’ them in business dealings. Needless to say, I merely nodded and smiled.

Chinese State Attempts to Hack Muddy Waters' Google Account

Muddy Waters gets notified by Google about attempts by the Chinese state to hack their account on June of last year.

Warning: We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer.

Block Gives Up on China Shorts, Says State Protects Fraud

Carson Block, founder of Muddy Waters LLC, said he’s lost interest in betting against Chinese stocks and speculates the government is protecting fraudulent companies.
“China has gotten harder in the sense that the government has really taken the side of the fraud,” Block said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers” program today. “The government is working with a number of these companies to try to conceal records that are public. When you are up against that sort of strength of the ability to revise history, it becomes difficult. That is one of the reasons we’re not that interested in China anymore.”

Indian Entrepreneur on China

An Indian software entrepreneur recognized the crooked nature of the Chinese nation about 10 years ago.
When I read the news on how Alibaba and Ja Ma are cheating Yahoo and just robbing its partners (Y! and Softbank), I am LEAST surprised. Its the nature of everything Chinese to CHEAT. I have had a 5 year hands on experience working and living (intermittently) in China. Mobile2win was a Company that we set up in 2001 that was LUCKILY acquired (by Disney) in 2006. Produced are excerpts of my writings on my experiences in China with links to the articles for further reading. If you want to do business in China - do so on your own RISK. It will be like writing your own death certificate.
And this is part of his commentary:
In 2002 in Seoul, I met the CEO of Actoz Software - the global pioneer of massive online multiplayer games. In 2001, he had (unfortunately) licensed his game to a Chinese online games Company that very quickly cheated Actoz by duplicating their game and also not paying Actoz the committed royalty payments. This Chinese Company grew very fast and became a giant and also listed on the Nasdaq. Its valuation today is U.S $2.5+Billion [Shanda Games]. Believe it or not, it also bought Actoz out at throwaway valuations since they had anyway bankrupted the tiny Company.
This philosophy perfectly reflects China. Having stayed there for months in between 5 years, built and sold a company, it's all about taking advantage of people, being very short termist, trying to make a quick buck and then quickly retracting if needed. As the ex Indian co-founder of my Chinese Company brilliantly put it once to me ' Alok! In China, the folks can't understand WIN - WIN - it means that you have something you shouldn't have... for them it's always WIN-LOSE - and they want to win and make you lose'.