Jim Rogers Gets Duped In Singapore

China cheerleader Jim Rogers decided to put his mouth where his money is and went to the dentist in Singapore for a cosmetic treatment. Less than one year later, his dental ceramics fell off his teeth. After an initial request for reimbursement was rejected by his dentist, Ernest Rex Tan, Rogers sued him for at least $48,150. Tan counter-sued him for defamation.

Rogers seems to be surprised about the lack of professional integrity he has experienced in Singapore. After all, he moved there because he believes the future progress of mankind is going to happen in China and its colonies. Hence, he won't be going back to the United States. However, if he continues to trust the Chinese, he won't go back to the US due to a personal choice, but because he will have no money left after being scammed out of all of it. Ultimately, the corruption of the Chinese nation is not cultural, but genetic. That is, the Chinese nation is genetically corrupted and it gets reflected in its culture.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/report-jim-rogers-sues-a-cosmetic-dentistry-for-negligence-2012-6

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