Global List Of Chinese Stock Frauds

The Chinese stock frauds are not exclusive to the United States. They have been happening in Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Germany. Stock frauds committed by the Chinese are not recent either. They have been ongoing since the 1990's. In this post, you will find non-exhaustive lists of Chinese stock frauds committed worldwide as well as a table comparing such frauds. It will help you visualize the global extent of the Chinese stock frauds. At the end of the post, there is a small list of stock frauds perpetrated against foreigners by Chinese over a decade ago.

By the way, there is a lingering misconception that all Chinese fraudsters managed to have access to American capital markets thanks to reverse takeovers. This is not the case for all of them. Some of them did initial public offerings of shares in offshore companies. If you want to learn more about how the fraudulent Chinese companies were legally structured, you can go here.

Hopefully, this massive swindle will soon come to an end.

Global Comparison of Common Characteristics of China Stock Frauds

Investment Market: United States Singapore Hong Kong United Kingdom
Affected Investable Set: China Concepts Stock
Affected Investable Subset: N share S chip P chip L share
Country of Operations: China
Place of Incorporation: Cayman Islands, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Delaware, Nevada, Florida, Jersey
Citizenship of Managers: Chinese
Citizenship of Promoters: American Singaporean, Malaysian Hong Kongers British
Auditors for Chinese subsidiaries: Local Chinese audit firms
Auditors for listed company: Big Four and Top 10 (45%), Top 100 and Unrated (55%)
Bankers for Chinese subsidiaries: Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Xiamen International Bank,
Guangdong Development Bank, China Zheshang Bank, Daqing City Commercial Bank,
and other banks owned by local governments.

List of Chinese Stock Frauds in Singapore
This list includes name of company, stock symbol, and place of incorporation.
Beauty China Holdings Limited (SGX:B15) (Cayman Islands)
Celestial NutriFoods Limited (SGX:C56) (Bermuda)
China Aviation Oil (SGX: C47) (Singapore)
China EnerSave (SGX: 531) (Singapore)
China Fibretech Ltd. (SGX: F6D) (Bermuda)
China Hongxing Sports Limited (SGX: BR9) (Bermuda)
China Milk Products Group Limited (SGX:G86) (Cayman Islands)
China Printing & Dyeing Holding Limited (SGX: M67) (Singapore)
China Sports International Limited (SGX: FQ8) (Bermuda)
China Sun Bio-Chem (SGX: C86) (Cayman Islands)
China XLX (SGX: B9R) (Singapore)
China Zaino International Ltd. (SGX: FP1) (Bermuda)
Falmac Limited (SGX:559) (Singapore)
FerroChina Ltd. (SGX: F33) (Bermuda)
Fibrechem Technologies Limited (SGX: F12) (Bermuda)
Hongwei Technologies Limited (SGX:H80) (Bermuda)
KXD Digital Entertainment Limited (SGX:K07) (Singapore)
New Lakeside Holdings Limited (SGX:5EG) (Singapore)
Oriental Century (SGX: 5II) (Singapore)
Sino Techfibre (SGX: AD8) (Bermuda)
Sino-Environment Technology Group Ltd. (SGX: Y62) (Singapore)
Zhongguo Jilong Limited (SGX: Z03) (Singapore)
Zhonghui Holdings Ltd. (SGX: Z04) (Singapore)

List of Chinese Stock Frauds in Hong Kong
This list includes name of company, stock symbol, and place of incorporation. 
A - S China Plumbing Products Ltd. (SEHK: 8262) (Cayman Islands)
ABC Communications (Holdings) Ltd. (SEHK: 30) (Bermuda)
Asia Aluminum (SEHK: 930) (Bermuda)
Automated Systems Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 771) (Bermuda)
Bep International (SEHK: 2326) (Bermuda)
CIL Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 479) (Bermuda)
China Information Technology Development Ltd. (SEHK: 8178) (Cayman Islands)
China Jin Hui Mining Corporation Ltd. (SEHK: 462) (Cayman Islands)
China Medical and Bio Science Ltd. (SEHK: 8120) (Cayman Islands)
China Nickel Resources Holdings Co. Ltd. (SEHK: 2889) (Cayman Islands)
China Packaging Group Co. Ltd. (SEHK: 572) (Cayman Islands)
China Post E-Commerce (Holdings) Ltd. (SEHK: 8041) (Cayman Islands)
China Star Film Group Ltd. (SEHK: 8172) (Bermuda)
China Trends Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 8171) (Cayman Islands)
Climax International Co. Ltd. (SEHK: 439) (Bermuda)
EganaGoldpfeil (Holdings) Ltd. (SEHK: 48) (Cayman Islands)
Extrawell Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 858) (Bermuda)
First Natural Foods (SEHK: 1076) (Bermuda)
Fu Ji Food and Catering (SEHK: 1175) (Cayman Islands)
Grand Field Group Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 115) (Bermuda)
Hong Kong Resources Holdings Co. Ltd. (SEHK: 2882) (Bermuda)
Info Communication Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 8082) (Cayman Islands)
Jackin International Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 630) (Bermuda)
Kith Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 1201) (Bermuda)
M Dream Inworld Ltd. (SEHK: 8100) (Cayman Islands)
Mitsumaru East Kit (Holdings) Ltd. (SEHK: 2358) (Cayman Islands)
Nam Fong International Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 1176) (Bermuda)
Nam Hing Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 986) (Bermuda)
New City (China) Development Ltd. (SEHK: 456) (Cayman Islands)
Ngai Lik Industrial Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 332) (Bermuda)
Ocean Grand Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 1220) (Bermuda)
Pan Asia Mining Ltd. (SEHK: 8173) (Cayman Islands)
Pan Sino International Holding Ltd. (SEHK: 502) (Cayman Islands)
Peace Mark (SEHK: 304) (Bermuda)
Peaktop International Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 925) (Bermuda)
Prosten Technology Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 8026) (Cayman Islands)
QPL International Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 243) (Bermuda)
Rojam Entertainment Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 8075) (Cayman Islands)
SMI Publishing Group Ltd. (SEHK: 8010) (Cayman Islands)
Smart Union (SEHK: 2700) (Cayman Islands)
Tack Fat (SEHK: 928) (Cayman Islands)
U-right International (SEHK: 627) (Bermuda)
Wai Chun Group Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 1013) (Bermuda)
Warderly International Holdings Ltd. (SEHK: 607) (Cayman Islands)

List of Chinese Stock Frauds in the United States and Canada
This list includes name of company, stock symbol, and place of incorporation.
A-Power Energy (APWR) (British Virgin Islands)
Advanced Battery Technology (ABAT) (Delaware)
Agfeed Industries (FEED) (Nevada)
American Oriental Bioengineering (AOBI) (Colorado)
AutoChina International (AUTCF) (Cayman Islands)
China Agritech (CAGC) (Delaware)
China Century Dragon Media (CCDM) (Delaware)
China Direct Industries (CDII) (Florida)
China Education Alliance (CEAI) (North Carolina)
China Electric Motors (CELM) (Delaware)
China Energy Savings Technology (CESV) (Nevada)
China Infrastructure Investment (CIIC) (Nevada)
China Integrated Energy (CBEH) (Delaware)
China Intelligent Lighting (CILE) (Delaware)
China MediaExpress (CCME) (Delaware)
China Natural Gas (CHNG) (Delaware)
China North East Petroleum (CNEP) (Nevada)
China Nutrifruit (CNGL) (Nevada)
China Ritar Power (CRTP) (Utah)
China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical (CKUN) (Delaware)
China Sky One Medical (CSKI) (Nevada)
China Valves Technology (CVVT) (Nevada)
China Water & Drinks (HEK) (Nevada)
China-Biotics (CHBT) (Delaware)
ChinaCast Education (CAST) (Delaware)
Deer Consumer Products (DEER) (Nevada)
Duoyuan Global Water (DGWIY) (British Virgin Islands)
Duoyuan Printing (DYNP) (Wyoming)
Fuqi International (FUQI) (Delaware)
HQ Sustainable Maritime (HQSM) (Delaware)
Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals (JGBO) (Florida)
Keyuan Petrochemicals (KEYP) (Nevada)
L&L Energy, Inc. (LLEN) (Delaware)
Longtop Financial (LGFTY) (Cayman Islands)
NIVS IntelliMedia Technology (NIVS) (Delaware)
Orient Paper (ONP) (Nevada)
Orsus Xelent Technologies (ORSX) (Delaware)
Puda Coal (PUDA) (Delaware)
Qiao Xing Mobile Communication (QXMCF) (British Virgin Islands)
Qiao Xing Universal Resources (XINGF) (British Virgin Islands)
RINO International (RINO) (Nevada)
Shiner International (BEST) (Nevada)
Sino Clean Energy (SCEI) (Nevada)
Sino-Forest Corp. (TSX: TRE) (Ontario)
SinoTech Energy (CTESY) (Cayman Islands)
Subaye (SBAY) (California)
Universal Travel Group (UTRA) (Nevada)
Wonder Auto Technology (WATG) (Nevada)
Wuhan General Group (WUHN) (Nevada)
Yuhe International (YUII) (Nevada)
ZST Digital Networks (ZSTN) (Delaware)

List of Chinese Stock Frauds in the 1990's
Akai Holdings & Grande Holdings
Euro-Asia Agricultural Holdings & Yang Bin
Shanghai Land Holdings & Zhou Zhengyi

Blogs with Updates on Chinese Stock Frauds:
Celestial NutriFoods Limited
Tibet Pharmaceutical Inc


  1. Its a really funny thing. This is kind of a special situation. Theirs lots of frauds out their. But at the same time the Chinese companies that are not could be great buys. The bad players bring down the price of small Chinese compamies that are not frauds.

  2. Good work exposing these cruel beasts! For more reading on China frauds, read:

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