China Protects Larcenists From Foreigners

China provides full protection to Chinese larcenists who have embezzled foreigners. They are protected by judges, executive authorities and the media. Judges either dismiss lawsuits or rule against foreigners. Executive authorities transfer intellectual and physical property to Chinese without the consent of foreign owners. And the media, from newspapers to professional journals, tergiversates stories in order to justify the actions perpetrated by Chinese larcenists.

One of such examples is an article by the China Security Journal. It attempts to undermine the integrity of market participants who have uncovered frauds in Chinese companies by implying that those foreigners have pierced China's National Security. Since it consists on, first, providing security to Chinese larcenists by protecting their embezzled assets and, second, deceiving foreigners about the level of integrity of the Chinese, I agree that foreigners have been successful at piercing the second part of the National Security armor.

Chinese Media Interprets Overseas Stock Fraud with Conspiracy Theory:
China Security Journal article:
FT critics CS article:

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