Nestle To Lose Money In China

Because Nestle has the China fever, they are ready to waste several hundreds of millions of dollars in fueling China's massive ponzi scheme. This time, they are buying a dodgy company called Hsu Fu Chi International, a Singapore listed company incorporated in the Cayman Islands that supposedly sells over one billion dollars in candies, cakes and cookies in China. Even though they have 260 million dollars in cash, they requested a bank loan of 85 million dollars. After the takeover goes through, Nestle will be in denial, for quite some time, that they will never recover their money. Hopefully, at some point in the future, Nestle will recognize that they had been duped and had fallen for the mirage that is investing in China, where the abundant profits that can be seen from a distance suddenly transform themselves into intimate losses to thirsty foreigners. Maybe then they will promise themselves never to go back to a country whose growth is based in embezzlement of foreigners' assets.

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