The Economics Of Feminism

Feminism is the dominant ideology in our society. Men are portrayed as goofs in comedy movies. If a woman accuses a man of rape, he is taken straight to prison. Whether or not her accusation was motivated by envy, revenge or remorse is unimportant in court. After a divorce, the wife keeps the kids. The standard judgment by divorce courts to let the wife keep the kids is followed by giving her the house of the husband, and forcing him to provide her with so called child support. With the standard judgment by a divorce court, the husband gets deprived of his children and wealth, and becomes a modern slave to the wife. The social contract of marriage is easily broken because current laws make it easy, and divorce court judgments provide massive incentives for the wife to divorce. Due to these reasons, men find the social contract of marriage not very appealing, and a newly created essential building block of a civilized society, a family, ceases to exist after just a few years of existence.

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