Class Warfare In The United States

The likelihood of class warfare in the US is raising. Although class warfare hasn't begun, class envy has. Class envy is being stimulated in increased amounts by a growing class disparity. And the main causes of class disparity are: 1) loose monetary policy by the Federal Reserve, and 2) free trade with emerging markets, especially China.

Loose monetary policy benefits the people who first receive the increased amount of money, that is bankers and government, in prejudice of the rest of the population. This policy rewards the overleveraged government and bankers, and punishes everyone else. Rather, let bankers and the government go bankrupt, which will be their own punishment for overleveraging themselves.

The free trade the US has with China is only benefiting the latter, because while the US lets Chinese products enter easily whilst protecting Chinese property, China imposes all sorts of barriers to foreign products and services, from raised tariffs, increases in targeted regulations, industrial espionage in the form of forced disclosure of know-how (and others), deceitful factory managers, stolen brands through court judgements, judgements against foreigners’ rights via courts, to imprisonment of foreign managers. After being duped for over a decade, at least some German firms have realized the extent of the China con and are leaving China. Hopefully, Dell, Apple, Google leave that cunning country forever, and European and American governments start protecting their own markets, rather than punishing their own middle class.

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