Apple To Lose Trademarks And Patents In China

Apple is not yet a success in China. It could have been by now, if the success of that country wasn't dependent on the embezzlement of foreigners' assets. Of course, that is impossible because Chinese culture is embedded with despise for foreigners and envy of their material possessions. These cultural values are embodied in the longstanding policy by the Chinese government to promote larceny of foreigners' property and to protect Chinese larcenists. Thus, Apple is on the brink of losing its trademarks, patents and other assets in China.

Proview Electronics, a Taiwanese company run by Yang Rongshan, is demanding 800 million dollars from Apple through its Chinese subsidiary, Proview Technology. He claims Proview Technology owns the iPad trademark in China, not Apple. In a related case, a Chinese company called Luoen Network filed a lawsuit in order to invalidate Apple's iPhone design so that any interested Chinese can legally copy Apple's design, even though you can already find iPhone knockoffs anywhere in China due to the full protection the Chinese government offers to Chinese larcenists.

In the future, even if Apple decides to leave China, the Chinese government will never authorize Apple to transfer their remaining cash back to the US. Hopefully, Apple will soon follow on the footsteps of German firms which have decided to leave China forever.

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  1. These guys got it all wrong you are doing business in china remember this is not the USA ok The laws in china do not value patents and trademarks like they do in the good old USA. Good luck apple in your court fight in china.