Apple To Lose Trademarks And Patents In China

Apple is not yet a success in China. It could have been by now, if the success of that country wasn't dependent on the embezzlement of foreigners' assets. Of course, that is impossible because Chinese culture is embedded with despise for foreigners and envy of their material possessions. These cultural values are embodied in the longstanding policy by the Chinese government to promote larceny of foreigners' property and to protect Chinese larcenists. Thus, Apple is on the brink of losing its trademarks, patents and other assets in China.

The Future Of Coffee

The future for coffee producers is bright. So bright that they will become blind, blind of greed, once the price of coffee exceeds the 3.59 dollars per pound reached in May of 1997. Barring some catastrophe that could decimate the population in this planet, the volume consumed worldwide will continue to increase. What's more, not even 10 dollars a pound would stop growth in consumption of this delicious product of nature. There will be so much joy that they will shout the same phrases said by a Sufi mystic when he first discovered this beloved fruit: Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! And so, new fortunes will be made​​.

The Honest Mind Of A Chinese Crook

The following is an email that started to circulate in Singapore around April 2009. It is mostly assumed that the author is James Zhang, the CEO of Fibrechem Technologies, a Chinese company incorporated in Bermuda whose stock used to trade in the Singapore Exchange until it was suspended under allegations of fraud. Currently, as of July 2011, he is living a luxurious life in China. It is a sample of what you should expect if you invest in Chinese companies.

Baidu To Steal Microsoft's Search Engine Technologies

Since 1998, Microsoft has had the China fever. When Microsoft got infected back then, they built a research center in Beijing. It was followed by more research centers in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Although no major breakthroughs have been achieved by the Chinese, Microsoft is now pumping over 300 million dollars every year into these centers. After all, China is growing at double digit rates and will become the next superpower, or so they believe and hope.

In the meantime, Microsoft's technologies will continue to flow to China. Because it is an American company, none of the Chinese working at Microsoft has any loyalty whatsoever to their employer. In fact, the Chinese employees feel compelled to steal Microsoft's technologies and transfer them to Chinese companies. Eventually, Microsoft will realize the mistake they have done.

Since that moment hasn't arrived yet, Microsoft is now collaborating with Baidu with the hope of increasing its online market share in China from its current 1%. Even after their previous collaboration with Alibaba failed in achieving the same hope, Microsoft still fails to see that the whole Chinese market is rigged, and it was not just Alibaba's agreement. This continued blindness will allow Baidu to steal Microsoft's search technologies to the delight of the Chinese government.

Nestle To Lose Money In China

Because Nestle has the China fever, they are ready to waste several hundreds of millions of dollars in fueling China's massive ponzi scheme. This time, they are buying a dodgy company called Hsu Fu Chi International, a Singapore listed company incorporated in the Cayman Islands that supposedly sells over one billion dollars in candies, cakes and cookies in China. Even though they have 260 million dollars in cash, they requested a bank loan of 85 million dollars. After the takeover goes through, Nestle will be in denial, for quite some time, that they will never recover their money. Hopefully, at some point in the future, Nestle will recognize that they had been duped and had fallen for the mirage that is investing in China, where the abundant profits that can be seen from a distance suddenly transform themselves into intimate losses to thirsty foreigners. Maybe then they will promise themselves never to go back to a country whose growth is based in embezzlement of foreigners' assets.

China Bears Have It Wrong: Jim Rogers

I like Jim Rogers, but I think he has the China fever. Like most people, he has been blinded into believing that the economic boom in China will continue for posterity. He likes to make the analogy that, just like America rose to power in the 20th century, China will continue to rise to power in the 21th century. But there is a big difference. America rose to power on a foundation of integrity whilst China is doing so on a foundation of deceit.

He is quick to criticize Jim Chanos' view about China by pointing out that "he's been dead wrong for two years, I hope he's still solvent." As early as 1995, Rogers was expecting a bull market in commodities, and it didn't really start until the year 2001. So he was dead wrong for six years. As a consequence, Rogers has described himself as the worst market timer. Well, now he is not alone. In the same way as Rogers was off by a few years although his views were right, Chanos will be off by a few years although his views are right.


China's Massive Ponzi Scheme

The Renaissance is marked with a revival of former trade routes and the discovery of new ones. Since Italy was at the intersection of old and new trade routes, it was the region where cultural flowering was most notable. This cultural flowering was found not only in libraries, workshops and churches but in kitchens as well. By combining noodles, coming from China, with tomatoes, coming from the Americas, Italy invented a new culinary creation: pasta.

Several hundreds years later, another cultural movement is being marked by a revival of former trade routes and the discovery of new ones: Globalization. This time, however, the most notable country is China. By combining a financial system, coming from America, with Ponzi's scheme, coming from Italy, China invented a more elaborate version of Carlo's infamous hustle that if it were to be named it could be called: massive Ponzi scheme.

China's massive Ponzi scheme gives foreigners the illusion that not only their private property will be protected in China, but their investments will be increasingly profitable as well. And so, driven by hope, more and more foreigners pour money into China. They buy shares of Chinese companies listed in exchanges around the globe. They directly invest in China by building brand recognition, research centers, factories, stores and restaurants. These foreigners receive validation to their decisions by the double digit growth that the Chinese government and Chinese companies report year after year.

But little do most foreigners know that a few of them, one by one, has lost more than their money by now. In addition to losing their money, these foreigners have also lost their brands, patents, copyright, merchandises, factories, buildings and even their liberty by way of extortion. These foreigners are the first wave of victims in China's massive Ponzi scheme. Although their testimonies could put into evidence China's machinations to foreigners who are about to invest there, they could also serve as the catalyst for the crumbling of China's skullduggery which will bring a second and, hopefully, final wave of foreign victims.

Sharia Law And The British Pound

There are over 85 Sharia Courts operating in Britain, and the rulings of over five of them are now enforceable through Common Law courts of the British judicial system. This small group of Sharia Courts, whose rulings are enforceable, forms a network known as the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, which in 2007 made use of a clause in the Arbitration Act to formalize its position in Britain. Lord Phillips, the former Lord Chief Justice, personally endorsed this Tribunal.

The Pound Sterling, which for centuries has been part of British culture, has been one of the strongest currencies in the world thanks to responsible monetary authorities and faith in the Pound. But that's no longer the case. In the last couple of years, the Bank of England has been printing massive amounts of Pounds to save overleveraged banks and government. This action doubled the amount of money in the banking system. However, the consequences haven't been felt yet because they lag behind this massive increase by several years. Nevertheless, the increased amount has already benefited a few people: the ones who first received it, that is, bankers and government. In other words, the monetary authorities benefited a small group of people in prejudice of the rest of the population.

The rise of Islam in Britain is correlated with the downfall of the Pound Sterling to the extent that the Bank of England increases the money supply to facilitate the expansion of credit by the British government. Its credit expansion allows the enlargement of socialist programs encroached decades ago, including programs for asylum seekers and refugees, which keep serving as gateways for muslims into Britain.

The Economics Of Feminism

Feminism is the dominant ideology in our society. Men are portrayed as goofs in comedy movies. If a woman accuses a man of rape, he is taken straight to prison. Whether or not her accusation was motivated by envy, revenge or remorse is unimportant in court. After a divorce, the wife keeps the kids. The standard judgment by divorce courts to let the wife keep the kids is followed by giving her the house of the husband, and forcing him to provide her with so called child support. With the standard judgment by a divorce court, the husband gets deprived of his children and wealth, and becomes a modern slave to the wife. The social contract of marriage is easily broken because current laws make it easy, and divorce court judgments provide massive incentives for the wife to divorce. Due to these reasons, men find the social contract of marriage not very appealing, and a newly created essential building block of a civilized society, a family, ceases to exist after just a few years of existence.