Opposing Asylum Seekers And Refugees Programs

Many governments put forward socialist programs that are intended to protect asylum seekers and refugees of other nationalities by allowing them to enter the sponsoring state and then providing them with shelter, food and employment. In order to finance such programs, taxes are collected from domestic citizens. Such a policy has the effect of transfering capital from the domestic population to a foreign population. Domestic citizens should not be forced to collaborate with people of other nationalities. Rather, they should be free to collaborate with people of other nationalities if, individually, they are willing to do so.

Biotech And The Extinction Of Bees

Bee colonies can die in several ways. One of those ways is the Colony Collapse Disorder whereby a large proportion of the colony's worker bees suffer a sudden death, although the queen remains alive. The death of colonies due to Colony Collapse Disorder has been increasing over the last few years. In the United States, this has caused annual colony losses to increase from the usual range of 10 to 20%, to over 30%. Some studies have associated this disorder with Bt crops. Bt crops, which are sold by Monsanto (MON) and Syngenta (SYT), are crops genetically modified to include a gene of Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacterium related to Bacillus anthracis, the cause of Anthrax. The added Bt gene enables the genetically modified crops to produce a toxin deadly to insects. And, thus, by being the ones in contact with Bt crops when foraging, only the worker bees suffer a sudden death.

Mad Cow Disease Outbreak: A Possibility

What if prion-infected fish is used as a protein source to feed cattle, which, after becoming infected, transmit the agents to humans, in whose brains they incubate for 30 years, and after that period, an Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease outbreak ensues?

Cuentos Chinos

In Spanish, "cuentos chinos" literally means "Chinese stories." This phrase is used to refer to very elaborate misrepresentations of the truth, and it may have its origins in the Spaniards' disbelief of Marco Polo's travel stories. This centuries-old phrase perfectly suits the description of all Chinese companies whose ongoing "cuentos chinos" have come to an end after a very long journey.

Bosideng And Its Small Lie

Bosideng (3998), in its filings to the Hong Kong Exchange, has reported that Harvest Fancy Limited (盛怡有限公司), from whom they bought the Menswear Company (江蘇康博製衣有限公司), is an Independent Third Party to the best of the Directors’ knowledge, information and belief having made all reasonable enquiry. The shareholders of Harvest Fancy are Kin Wa Tso and Yin Kwan Kwok both living in Flat C, 62/F, Block 5, Sorrento, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon. So far, it looks as if Harvest Fancy is an independent third party. However, it turns out that Tso is handicapped and, for a living, he loans his name as figurehead to several companies. In fact, Dekang Gao, Bosideng's Chairman, used Tso's name before when he registered PRC-incorporated Bosideng Corporation (波司登股份有限公司) in Hong Kong in 2003! Therefore, to the Chairman's knowledge, Harvest Fancy was never an independent third party, so the purchase agreement entered into was not based on negotiations at arm's length, as repeatedly stated in the filings.

Chinese Fraud Test

The purpose of this test is to identify whether or not there is fraud in a Chinese company by just looking into the eyes of the Chinese CEO. Here, there are five Chinese CEOs. Could you correctly guess all five?

Death Penalty Will Not Be A Deterrent In Chinese Stock Frauds

Death penalty will not be a deterrent in Chinese stock frauds because the Chinese court system will never enforce such a sentence on a Chinese if the fraud was commited against a foreigner, even if the Chinese deprived the foreigner of his wealth by deceit, theft or extorsion.

Not Only Chinese Reverse Mergers Are At Risk Of Slant Frauds

The Chinese reverse mergers, which are incorporated in Nevada or Delaware, are not the only ones at risk of fraud. Chinese companies incorporated in Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Singapore or Jersey also need to be considered as having an equal risk of fraud as reverse mergers. Chinese companies incorporated offshore trade everywhere: New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore. In New York, we have Baidu (BIDU), which was incorporated in the Cayman Islands. In Hong Kong, we can find Tencent (700), which was incorporated in the Cayman Islands as well. In Singapore, we can find Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (BS6), which was incorporated in Singapore, but, just like in the other two examples, its management team is Chinese and lives in China. They all have the same risk as Chinese reverse mergers because the companies are incorporated and listed outside of mainland China. Therefore, the Chinese have the same legal protection on both reverse mergers and offshore corporations. This setup offers a great opportunity for the cunning Chinese to dupe the gullible foreigner. Even after the foreigner raises his attention and chooses to sue the Chinese swindler, it is highly unlikely that he will be successful in the Chinese court system, which, above all, protects its own nationals from foreigners.

Financial Syphoning Of Hong Kong-Listed Red Chips

Many Hong Kong-listed companies partially owned by the Chinese state, also known as Red Chips, have been used as dumpsters by their Chinese holding companies, which are managed by the Chinese state. The holding company sells lowly profitable, or even unprofitable, subsidiaries to the Red Chip in exchange for cash consideration. Had Chinese authorities not done that for the past years, the performance of Red Chips would have been more remarkable.

Exploring Competitive Devaluations In The European Parliament

A few European members of Parliament have been pondering on the idea of competitive devaluations, but such solution will require a vast increase in the money supply, which will benefit the people who first receive the increased amount (bankers and government) in prejudice of the rest of the population. Rather than punishing everyone else (by either printing money or bailouts), let bankers and governments go bankrupt, which will be their own punishment for overleveraging themselves.

Incentives For Fraud At Chinese Companies

Chinese managers have incentives to deceive foreign investors of Chinese companies as long as the Chinese court system and local authorities continue to protect Chinese swindlers from foreign victims. So they have massive incentives to deceive their foreign shareholders. The Chinese managers are people that are not being punished for their bad behaviour, so they will continue doing so. Because of that, any foreign investor will be better off avoiding Chinese companies incorporated outside of mainland China, ie, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Singapore, Delaware or even Hong Kong. If the Bermuda-incorporated Chinese company listed on Nasdaq has commited fraud, where will the foreign investor start his lawsuit against the company, in Bermuda, the US or China? If he sues in the US and Bermuda and wins, the courts will not be able to enforce their judgments in China. And even if he sues in China, it is highly unlikely that he will win.

Chinese Stocks Liquidation Procedures

During liquidation, they will pay their local creditors about eighty cents per dollar and their foreign creditors just twenty cents per dollar, leaving shareholders with nothing. Once that's done, everything will be owned by the Chinese managers. In other words, after liquidation, the Chinese managers would have legally embezzled millions of dollars from foreigners with the support of Chinese authorities and courts.

Facebook In China And American Reciprocity

The block of Facebook in China is another great example of how China protects its market. The US, EU and Japan should reciprocate China's actions and protect their own markets from the Chinese, by doing to the Chinese what they do to them, that is, by raising tariffs, creating quotas, restrictions, regulations, allowing piracy of copyrighted Chinese creations, transfering ownership of Chinese brands to American and European companies, removing Chinese patents protection, enforcing court judgements against Chinese properties, imprisoning of Chinese managers, promoting industrial espionage against Chinese companies, and other sleezy actions that could only come up from a deceitful mind such as the Chinese mind. The Chinese laugh at the WTO. If American, European and Japanese products and services cannot enter China, their tanks will!

Class Warfare In The United States

The likelihood of class warfare in the US is raising. Although class warfare hasn't begun, class envy has. Class envy is being stimulated in increased amounts by a growing class disparity. And the main causes of class disparity are: 1) loose monetary policy by the Federal Reserve, and 2) free trade with emerging markets, especially China.

Loose monetary policy benefits the people who first receive the increased amount of money, that is bankers and government, in prejudice of the rest of the population. This policy rewards the overleveraged government and bankers, and punishes everyone else. Rather, let bankers and the government go bankrupt, which will be their own punishment for overleveraging themselves.

The free trade the US has with China is only benefiting the latter, because while the US lets Chinese products enter easily whilst protecting Chinese property, China imposes all sorts of barriers to foreign products and services, from raised tariffs, increases in targeted regulations, industrial espionage in the form of forced disclosure of know-how (and others), deceitful factory managers, stolen brands through court judgements, judgements against foreigners’ rights via courts, to imprisonment of foreign managers. After being duped for over a decade, at least some German firms have realized the extent of the China con and are leaving China. Hopefully, Dell, Apple, Google leave that cunning country forever, and European and American governments start protecting their own markets, rather than punishing their own middle class.

The United States Should Leave The WTO

Trade blocs are redundant because of the WTO. But the EU and the anglosphere will be better off if they leave the WTO and form their own trade bloc while they still have similar pay levels. So long as the industrialized countries continue in the WTO, China, just like Taiwan and South Korea before it, will keep taking advantage of their markets while protecting its own home market. In the meantime, the economies of industrialized countries will continue to undiversify, perpetuate their underemployment and lower their weekly earnings.

Not All Chinese Companies Are Run By Crooks

Not all Chinese companies are run by crooks. They are run by human beings who know that there is no punishment for bad behaviour. In fact, there is substantial incentive for bad behaviour. Imagine yourself in the following scenario: If someone you don't know gives you a million dollars and that someone cannot punish you if you don't give it back, would you use that money for your own benefit? No need to answer this question, just something to ponder about.

Foreign Companies Should Leave China

Foreign companies should leave China before more of their intelectual property and know-how gets stolen by the chinese. The Chinese lie and steal and foreigners cannot punish that behaviour because the Chinese courts protect their own citizens. Foreign investors get their money stolen straight from the bank. Chinese salesmen cheat on their foreign employers by lying on the sales figures and stealing part of the production to resell it in collaboration with factory managers. Chinese suppliers collaborate among themselves to give the worst price to foreigners. The more this comes to light, the more foreign companies leave.

US And EU Should Match Abuses To Foreign Companies In China

Commercial activities of foreign companies are being limited by the lack of integrity of the Chinese at every level, from local staff to government officials to judges. China is one of the worst places in the world to make an investment since it promotes abuses to foreign investors by Chinese nationals. Since China isn't following the WTO agreement, the US and the EU should raise tariffs to Chinese products and services and reciprocate China's actions by systematically undermining all Chinese companies operating in their territories.

An Explanation For The High Foreign Direct Investment In China

The FDI is high because Chinese are incorporating holding companies abroad which are subsequently used to own newly PRC-incorporated companies. This gives the illusion of foreign investment. This set-up should be widely advertised and promoted to even more Chinese businessmen by the US and the EU so that the Chinese government receives fewer tax revenues in the future. In addition, the US and the EU should impose high tariffs on Chinese products and services and stop Chinese immigration since they don't have honesty, integrity or morality.